Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two Weeks of Scrapbooking

The scrapbooking room isa happy place for the girls and I and this is a happy season! We have spent a lot of time in the scrapbooking room this week and the coming week will have us there even more. Last week we made 20 cards which we gave to a friend as wedding gift. Then on Friday we prepped materials for 120 cards for a church event. With the help of several ladies at church, we finished the cards on Saturday so a team could deliver them on Sunday to local firefighters and law enforcement as thanks for their service to our community. With that behind us, we are looking forward to our upcoming projects. This week we will be making 12 seed packets for our swap. Then we will be making sample projects for my Scrap Birthday Party and prepping materials for the attendees. Pictures will be coming soon...

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