About Me

The first scrapbook I created was for my husband when I barely knew him.  He was the presiding officer for a fraternity and I was the Chapter Sweetheart.  One of my sweetest duties was to create a scrapbook for him to remember his term.  Through our constant togetherness at countless events, we became good friends and we began dating shortly before our term ended.  Four years (and three scrapbooks) later, we married.

In all honesty, my scrapbooking hobby has experienced some highs and lows.  Though I was determined not to be one of  "those moms," my first daughter has a beautiful baby book, my middle daughter has a box of photos and mementos (with a blank baby book and lots of scribbled notes), and my youngest daughter has photos on flash drives waiting to be downloaded and put into her album that has never been opened. And now I have a daunting stack of photos of the first 6 years of my son's life, thanks to a staff photographer at his orphanage.

These highs and lows correspond with my rather hectic life that is just now beginning to resemble something normal after 14 years of marriage.  You see, I also have to scrapbook the craziness of military life during the early years of our family, my experiences as a teacher and librarian, church life, moves from California to Kansas, back to California, to Missouri, and our adoption story.
Just to document the lives of our children, two 8-year-olds, a 10-year-old and a 13-year-old, we would record a short period of public school followed by homeschooling, choirs, dance, sports, play productions, and so on. Of course I must add in the standard pages for birthdays, holidays (one page for each child), and I am overwhelmed before I have even unpacked the photos.
Then I met Close to my Heart.  Their papers and stamps motivate me to take paper crafts to the next level.  With My Reflections kits and Workshops on the Go, I learned how to create beautiful layouts faster, simpler and easier.  Not only that, I was introduced to the pleasure of card-making.  Just a short time ago, I discovered the world of digital scrapbooking through Studio J making it even easier to scrapbook all of those photos stuck on my computer.  Scrapbooking is a gift to my children.  They will be able to share their lives with their families for years with their scrapbooks.  My kids find comfort and pleasure in their books.  While I treasure my kids and know the scrapbooks are important to them, I love card-making because it is my gift to everyone else.  I enjoy creating beautiful pieces to send to brighten people's days, whether it is for my friend's birthday, my cousin's wedding, or a soldier overseas whom I will never meet.  I find great satisfaction in sending off a handmade card.
I am thrilled that my daughters have taken an interest in card-making and scrapbooking lately.  In addition to my Close to my Heart business, my girls and I now sell handmade cards and announcements.  The profits are divided between charity, savings, homeschool supplies, and spending money.
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We choose to live JOYfully. Jesus first. Others second.  Yourself last.