Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So Cal Spring Break Cabin Fever?!?!

In beautiful, sunny Southern California, I would never think of having cabin fever over spring break. But that is exactly the situation in which I have found myself. I planned every day of spring break so that my kids would not have a chance to complain of boredom and my child who needs constant activity would not have a chance to find trouble. Saturday we went to Calico, Sunday we celebrated Easter, Monday was a visit to the library, and yesterday a visit to Grandma and Papa's house. Today would have been a trip to Coldstone for ice cream and then the park, tomorrow we leave for vacation returning Saturday, and Sunday is church.

Instead we are stuck indoors because the wind is too bothersome to allow for an enjoyable day outdoors. This would be good since we have so much to do to get ready to leave tomorrow, but the kids are going crazy and in turn driving me crazy! My solution? Pull out a new something I have stashed away so they can have some new fun and I can get some work done. I have lots of goodies hidden in my closet for just such an occasion. Sometimes it is a trip to the doctor, sometimes a sad day, sometimes an accomplishment, and sometimes just because, but a smile is guaranteed when I reach into the depths of my closet. I have DVDs, stickers, books, and other things that I pick up occasionally when they catch my eye and then into the closet they go.

Now, to get my work done...