Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Covering My Behind

Someone anonymously left comments that I may possibly face a slander lawsuit for what I am saying about my experiences over the past month, so I am covering my behind. If you read my previous posts as events occurred, I began by saying that I may very well likely be allergic to this product (all names have been removed to, once again, cover my behind). Something in this product brought out the worst in me (in more ways than one) and I think it is reasonable that if this would happen to me, it would happen to others. No offense here to those who are, but I am not one of those people who is allergic to many things. When I am affected for weeks by a product, it gets my attention. Like I also said in my prior post, my children used it without problems. I, however, would never put it on my body again.

Another anonymous comment accused me of not providing documentation from doctors (who could have written that I wonder) and I would like to say that the company in question did not request any documentation when I said that it was available or I would have provided it. The person I spoke with jokingly said he would like for me to fly to their location to see their people, but I would have done so for their benefit as well as mine. When I asked about a doctor in my subsequent contact, they could not refer me to anyone, nor would they know what type of specialist to refer me to.

At this point, I want all of you to learn two things from my experience:
1. Be careful what you use! There is a link in one of my prior blogs to a website that has listed several sunscreen products that have caused reactions such as mine. Take a look at it and keep it in mind when yo go shopping for sunscreen. A friend referred me to this list when she experienced BURNS from her sunscreen (completely different product).
2. When you have a good or bad experience from a product, let the company know so they can work out any problems there are. If you don't tell them, they don't know! I make a habit of recognizing good experiences. This one was just bad enough to demand my attention.

As for the anonymous comments, I don't publish anything you won't put your name on. If you don't want other readers to see your name, let me know and I will delete your name before publishing your comment.