Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Need Some Money Honey!

My "summer job" ends this week and I need to get some money together to pay the bills for the next few weeks. Actually, it is kind of a funny situation. I will not even receive my first real paycheck from this summer job until mid-August, almost two months after I started the job. Who chose this schedule where you only get paid once a month? It stinks! In any case, I NEED some money to pay some bills before my car and home and everything in my home disappear. One of the things I found today is big crumbs. From my understanding, you sign up at this website and then do your online shopping through them. You earn cash back for your purchases and the purchases of people who sign up under you. I signed up today to try it out. If you would like to also, here is my link: It's not a get rich quick scheme, there is no out of pocket expense, and it works with Ebay. Three big pluses. I'll tell you more soon...

Do you have a great idea for me to make some money? Post it here in the comments.