Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bargain shopping!

My youngest daughter needed a dresser.  Hers was sacrificed in our move and we promised we would get one for her when we got to our new home.  My mom and I took a trip to the local thrift store to see what they had and we were pleasantly surprised.  We found the usual treasures, a beautiful pair of red satin ballet slippers for me and some play clothes for the kids.  My mom came across a couple of sweaters and jeans that she just had to have.  In the furniture section, a headboard caught my attention.  It was solid oak and had cabinets on each side.  For $20 it was a good deal, but nothing I had to have.  Just past the headboard, I came across a platform for a bed, the kind with drawers in it.  Seeing no tag, I inquired as to the price.  The guy from the back came out and informed me that it was a complete king set with the headboard I already found.  Even better, it was for a king bed, the size I had at home on a metal frame.  With that in my mind, I continued to search for a dresser for my daughter.  They did not have a dresser, but what we found was much better.  We discoverred an old vanity table in excellent condition.  Although it wasn't what we had in mind, it has seven drawers, enough for her clothes, and she can play dress up at it.  What more could a young princess want?  I left the store with the bed frame, vanity table, miscellaneous items, and a bonus.  The clerk asked the manager if they could throw in the chair that was displayed with the table for free and she said yes!  Total price tag:  $60!