Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Hizard Wants to Come Home

I am a firm believer that children will entertain themselves when given the chance. Often when we go on vacation we do not bring toys. We spent Memorial Day weekend at a cabin in the woods with friends. Te toys stayed home and the kids never missed them. They spend their time at the cabin digging in the dirt, hiking, rock climbing, and exploring. During their adventures, Bear found a friend whom she introduced as "Hizard." This reptilian friend was about four inches long and she carried him with her all weekend. He crawled down her sleeve which she thought was great, but mostly he perched on her palm. On the second day of our vacation, she brought him to the kitchen door to talk to her daddy. She announced that her hizard told her that he wants to come home with her. We couldn't help but laugh and she stoicly took him back to the horseshoe pit where she found him. After along heart-to-heart with him, she came back empty-handed and said that she told him he had to stay. Life is so hard when you are four.