Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Life in Hog Heaven

OK, so I need your help. When my husband and I married, we were in a classic car club and each member of the wedding party arrived in a car driven by a member of the club. This February will be our tenth anniversary and we are now into motorcycles. I jokingly mentioned to him that we should do a "hog heaven" themed party (we believe in any excuse to get our friends together). He liked the theme but he doesn't know about one little detail. His 30th birthday is the week after our anniversary and this really is a surprise birthday party, not an anniversary party.

Bottom line - I would love to hear your creative ideas for our "hog heaven" theme. We are, of course, encouraging those with bikes to ride to the party. Here are some ideas I have received thus far: serve BBQ ribs, cupcakes with creamy white frosting, and blue punch with ice cream in it; decorating with Route 66 signs (along which we live), clouds, and pigs with a blue background; and asking everyone to wear their best bikers clothes.

I know that in the coming months I can collect some great ideas with yor help. Send your ideas whenver they come to you and get help from everyone you know! I want this to be a party he will never forget. I owe him. He missed my surprise 30th party because he was at the dealership buying his first motorcycle. I love him anyway.

Baby night, night

My husband works nights, so our 2-year-old is used to crawling into bed with him when she is ready for her mid-morning nap. Today she missed her nap and was in need of a nap in the afternoon. I took her into the bedroom against her desire and we sat down in the bed. She stretched out with her head on the pillow but made it clear she was not going to sleep. As I placed my head near hers on the pillow, I pointed out the baby doll on the other side of her. I asked her, "Is your baby tired?" She said "yes." I answered, "let's put your baby to sleep." She looked over at her baby doll, turned it face down on the pillow and replied "baby night, night." She then climber out of bed and went back to playing in the living room. Although she did not take a nap, she went to bed nice and early.