Monday, May 19, 2008

Still Burning

Well, it's been three weeks since I used the sunscreen that changed my life. Maybe that's a little drastic. It has definitely changed my skin. There are several tiny sores where the rash once was and my skin itches like crazy. I feel like there are tiny bugs crawling all over my skin. Constantly. I can make the itching subside by taking antihistamines that make me sleep all day and night. What a choice!

I spoke to the Director of Quality, at the manufacturer of this particular sunscreen. According to him, no one has ever had a reaction to their products and they are truly sorry that this happened to me. It is not company policy to give refunds, so they are instead sending a care package to me which contains, get this, sunscreen!!! I have spent at least $100 in doctor visits, medications, and home remedies to alleviate this discomfort, am considering visiting an allergist or dermatologist for further treatment, but they will not reimburse my $8! His company can't even be troubled to refer me to an allergist or dermatologist because "We do not normally use such local Texas specialists in our research & product development projects." His suggestion is to go again to my primary care physician and get a referral to the appropriate physician (more money out of my pocket).

As a precaution for you, test any product you use before covering your body with it. Learn from my lesson! To give the product a fair representation, my children also used the product without problems. I only wonder if you want to take the chance of being one of the few like me who is not so fortunate.