Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Disclaimer Nation*

*This post is not intended to alter, change, or otherwise influence your opinion. Please read this while you are sitting down. Reader assumes all risk of injury that may be incurred while reading this post.

I am watching television. Well, not really. I have the television on for noise while I complete my evening tasks. A paper towel commercial flashed across the screen with a mother cleaning up a HUGE mess with only one sheet. Amazing. Before I watched this feat, a disclaimer popped up that this does not depict an actual comparison. The commercial then shows two paper towels, side by side cleaning up the same mess. If this isn't a comparison, then what is it?! The best disclaimers flash across the fastest. Do not try this at home. This test was performed on a closed track. A professional driver completed this course. Although this is an actual testimony, the part is played by an actor. Names are not real. You only pay shipping and handling for a total of $99.99. We have never actually used this product, we want you to be our guinea pig.

OK, so I haven't actually seen this disclaimer, but I'm sure it's been there. If not, they need a disclaimer for the disclaimer.