Sunday, February 27, 2011

Friday Night Scrappers

Friday Night Scrappers is moving to the 3rd Friday of each month.  As always, you may bring your own projects to work on or create a layout or cards using the featured Workshop on the Go.  On March 18th, we will be using the Miracle Workshop on the Go.  You have 2 choices for ordering the workshop on the go:

1. Order the Miracle Workshop on the Go Kit that includes the Miracle Level 2 Paper Pack, Miracle Stamp Set and Kraft Borders.
2. Order the Miracle Level 2 Paper Pack and Kraft Borders.  You may use my stamp set at the crop night.

If you'd like to save on the shipping cost, email me with your order and I will order the supplies for you and they will be available for pickup at the crop night.  I will be placing my order on March 11th.

Below are photos of the layout and the cards you can make using this kit.  Instructions are included to make additional cards and a second layout.