Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Correspondence Day

Today is our first Correspondence Day.  I am planning that every Wednesday we will write to three or four people.  Today is an interesting mix of people.  The first person on the list is my grandpa.  He will be having knee replacement surgery next Friday in California.  We are unable to travel to be with him, so we will send our love in a box.  The next family on the list came as a chance meeting just before Christmas.  They were in a car accident and we stopped to help.  Because they used my phone, we have been able to stay in contact.  The third person is someone who my husband has known since childhood.  She is in a rehab facility due to recently breaking her hip.  The fourth person on the list is a friend of the girls' that we haven't written to since we moved.  We can't wait to start writing and drawing!

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