Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Big Change

Just like everyone else, our daughters' school is a victim of budget cuts.  They attend a virtual school through the state department of education.  Tomorrow is the last day of school unless we would like to pay $500 per student, per semester course to continue.  Unable to afford that bill, we have chosen an alternate program.  We chose My Father's World, a thematic Christian program.  Our girls will start year one of the cycle on Monday.  They will be studying countries and cultures through the eyes of missionaries around the world.  Each girl gets a passport that we will stamp along the journey.  They got to see their daddy's passport today from when he traveled to Iraq and compare it to their passports.  I am thrilled because we will be working together as we learn instead of each child studying something different.  With other programs I am jumping between biomes and classifying minerals, mapping the community and European history.  This allows for much more learning time and less planning/prep time.  There is also more planned out for me, which allows me more time for other things.  Rest assured, math and language arts are assigned based on ability.  We can't wait for tomorrow!

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