Friday, November 13, 2009

My Favorite Day

This is one of my favorite days!  I LOVE it when the UPS truck pulls into my driveway, especially when I know that the delivery is coming from Close to my Heart!  The excitement and anticipation are sometimes overwhelming when I see that big white box on my steps.  The girls and I gather aroud the box as I cut the tape holding all of the wonderful surprises inside.  Even though much of the contents are not for me, I get a rush just by pulling each item out of the box and looking it over.  I am caught up in the ideas that flow through my mind as I handle each paper pack and stamp set.  We all rush downstairs to our craft table to begin experimenting with my new goodies.  Rest assured, I do not practice with your new goodies!  Before we begin, we sort the order and set everyone elses items aside.  Then we let the creative juices flow!  Oh, I just can't wait!

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