Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rise and Shine!

Good morning! It is spring break for my kids and that means vacation time! Our budget and my husband's work schedule do not allow for a "real" vacation at the present time, so we improvised. My husband works in the middle of nowhere, almost two hours from home and far removed from civilization, so he and his coworkers stay near their job site in travel trailers during their work week. The kids and I will be joining them for a couple of days this week and the kids are thrilled! In addition to the usual sunscreen and reading material, we packed sand toys and a small blow-up swimming pool. The guys have a BBQ pit, so we will take the makings for S'mores and hamburgers. The remains of a volcano are nearby so we will take a hike and I'm sure my kids will find treasures along the way. If we have time, we will also visit a real ghost town (no souvenir shops here). Voila! Instant, inexpensive vacation!

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