Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter at Calico

Our family visited Calico on Saturday for their Easter activities. When we arrived, we were able to to park fairly close to the steps, thus avoiding waiting for the shuttle to ride to the entrance. Activities scheduled throughout the day included an egg hunt, coloring contest, best Easter dress contest, live music, pin the tail on the bunny, and photos with the Easter bunny. Near the entrance, two boys handed out bags with goodies inside to the children. We ran into the Easter bunny several times throughout the day and my kids were eager to meet and take pictures with this welcoming friend. We also visited the photo shop where Mariah took a studio photo on the kids dressed in their best. The Easter egg hunt was fun for all of the kids, except our family had to split up. There were two simultaneous hunts, one for kids three and under and the other for kids over three. The older kids were limited to taking ten eggs each to allow everyone a chance to get some. Most of the eggs were filled with candy but some had tickets inside of them to visit the pottery shop for a gift. The gift was a medallion that the child could paint. For those who did not get a ticket, they could purchase a medallion for a small fee. Children could also visit the saddle shop to creat a leather keepsake for a small fee. My kids made bookmarks and bracelets. While there, we watched a gun fight, something Calico has been without in recent weeks. We also had a snack at the refreshment stand at the entrance. When our day was done, we took up the offer of a shuttle ride back to our car. The only thing we missed by visiting on Saturday was the sunrise service on Easter, which we heard from friends was wonderful. That will have to be included in our plans next year.

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