Monday, August 27, 2007

Back in the Swing of Things

I would like to say that I took the summer off, but actually quite the opposite. I gave notice at my job that I would be leaving at the end of the summer and I have been scrambling to get things in order for my replacement. My mother visited for five weeks and kept me busy catching up since her last visit two years ago. My middle daughter was diagnosed with a heart murur that had me on my toes for several weeks trying to coordinate tests and doctor visits. Two of my children celebrated their birthdays this month (one turned 4 an the other 2) with a joint party and trip to Disneyland. Now, somehow, I have found a moment to write again. It won't last long I fear.

Next week I will begin homeschooling my second-grade child and dance classes start for her and my four-year-old. The followig week they will begin choir at church after a summer break. As crazy busy as I know it will be, I am thrilled to begin this new chapter. Stay tuned for updates...

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