Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday Date Night

Last night was Friday Date Night, but not with my husband.  He was hundreds of miles away, so I let my daughters have a movie night and I planned a date night with my Close to my Heart inks and papers.  {BLISS} Or so I thought! I had no idea what I was getting into.  I enjoy being an organized person whenever possible, but my scrapbooking supplies had gotten out of control.  When we lived in California and I began scrapbooking, I didn't really have a good place to store everything.  I did what I could with a small tool box and a few small boxes.  It worked because I didn't have much.  During the past year and a half while we lived with my mom, my supply grew but my only storage space was found in larger tubs.  There is only so much organization that can be found in a big cube!  Now that we have moved into our own place and I was blessed with a BIG rolling tool box for Christmas, it is time to clean up my act.  I am also motivated by the fact that I will begin hosting crops in two weeks. 

I sat down with my papers at 8 pm and organized, sorted and categorized my papers until nearly midnight. Although I stood up my inks (and didn't even let them know I was backing out on our plans), I am so happy to see my cardstock labeled and arranged by color.  Each color even has an envelope for scraps.  My B & T paper is also neatly arranged alphabetically in their clear bags.  The neatness of it all has inspired me to have a Saturday play date with my inks and papers!

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