Monday, July 7, 2008

Date Night Coming Soon!

Oh, I can't wait for Saturday! My husband firmly believes in the importance of date night. I do too, but I don't go out of my way to make it happen like he does. This Saturday his company has a block of tickets for a show (my husband is surprising me as to what show it is) that he guarantees to be amazing. The girls are going to a friend's house for the night so we can stay the night in Los Angeles after the show.

As much as I love my girls and spending time with them, it is important to have time away. With a husband that works nights and two children most of the time (one toddler and one home schooled), it is difficult for us to have a conversation without interruptions. This gives us that chance.

Now, I must get to packing and cleaning and preparing for a fun weekend. Only five more days until we go!

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Milly75 said...

I totally agree...married couples need some alone time every now and then....I have a son..and we make sure that we get some alone time as this Fri..we are going out to really keeps you sane :)
Thanks for visiting my the way...i wish my style could vary but i dont know how it happened but i pretty much have the same stuff just in different