Sunday, September 2, 2007

For lunch we will be having cardboard

Over the past few months I have ecome increasingly health-conscious. I began by trying to cut out fats, progressed towards eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, and recently began an anti-sugar spell. My husband's doctor also gave me strict orders to get his cholesterol down. In preparation for a recent camping trip, I went to the store to pick up some healthy junk food, as if that is possible. I looked at sugar-free cookies and was appalled at the amount of fat. I looked at various 100 calorie packs and found them to be high in sugar. After much searching, I walked out with chex mix and baked chips. My family was not very happy. I announced to my husband that we were now on a diet of lean chicken, rice, fruit, vegetables, and cardboard. He gave me a look that I could not even describe and walked away. When the kids saw their food choices, they protested (as they do at most meals). Any great recipes that you could share would be greatly appreciated!

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