Sunday, April 22, 2007

She would be so proud

Last Thursday the children and I planted three trees in memory of my coworker who died in a car accident. It was so crazy to coordinate that I almost was sorry I did it. Until it happened and then I knew it was so perfectly right. I read two books to the children. All of the rgulars showed up. After reading the books, the children each took a shovel and we went to the front of the building where we had a huge hole ready for the trees. My friend's mother-in-law was there, the only representative from her family. I asked her to put the first shovels of dirt on the trees and she did. Then each child was able to gather around the trees and heap dirt intot he hole. There were about twenty kids there and I had a moment to step back in the middle of the chaos. Children were happily participating, exactly as she would have wanted. It took my breathe away. I was so proud at that moment, not of anything I had done, but of the legacy she left for us to carry on with our children.

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